Interactive Games Day

children playing games

children playing games

LATA’s first leg was an Interactive Games Day facilitated on February 17, 2008. 210 children from 6 Mumbai based organizations and several DTE volunteers came together to make the day memorable for all involved. 

Thanks to everyone who attended and helped out!

“You guys did an amazing job, and its nice to know there are people like you guys who care so much about something like this and actually act upon it. WELL DONE, the event was seriously a lot of fun for both the volunteers and the kids!”—Bhavini Jhaveri, Jewelry making professional.

“We thank the Down to Earth team for having invited our children to the Sports Day Programme organized on the 17th of February 2008 at Mazgaon. Our children thoroughly enjoyed the programme and snacks arranged for them. Our children in-group ‘C’ were glad to win the prizes. The programme is a memorable one for us as well as our children.We thank each one of you for giving our children a wonderful opportunity.” —Anaxi Shah, President, Smile.

“This was a very well organized event. I am sure all the kids had a wonderful time and also learnt some important things at the same time. By the time we had reached the last few games in the session, it was quite nice to see that the kids had learnt to work on things as a team without the coordinators telling them to do so! At the beginning when they were asked to choose the ones who would compete for the second time, the kids always had a fight as to who would go again, but by the end, they were ready to let the best performers amongst them go again!” — Purvi Morparia, Software Professional, Infosys.

“Thank you very much for organising such a beautiful interactive games day for our children. Children had thoroughly enjoyed the event.” —Bina Sheth Lashkari, Founder, Door Step School.


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