The Education Program focusing on English and Math now reaches out to 75 students who have been segregated on the basis of formal school standards. 

“When you begin reading, you begin with – A, B, C,” sang Julie Andrews and the impish Von Trapp children in the legendary film, The Sound of Music. We may not have the rolling, lush green hills but we do have as impish a bunch of kids beginning their first foray into the English language. For these kids, most of whom study in Hindi and Marathi medium schools and listen to no spoken English, it is a foreign language. And the learning, literally, begins with A, B, C. 


Group of students

Group of students



English language

  • Beginning with the basics
  • Phonics (letters)- Read and write
  • Blends (sounds and words)- Read and write
  • Break a word into syllables to simplify spelling it
  • Frequently asked questions

Worldly wise

  • Sections in a newspaper
  • Collecting Facts & Building Opinions


  • Continents (with a special focus on North America)
  • Solar System


Team DTE attended a career fair organized by the Kherwadi Social Welfare Association (KSWA).


The students were assigned projects that required for them to design strategies for selling Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs) like soap and toothpaste.

Parents’ meeting

Team DTE includes the students’ parents. We meet once a month in the community to update parents about students’ progress and upcoming programs. 


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