April 2009 Newsletter!


Catalyzing constructive change

DTE LATA Interactive Games Day

LATA is a DTE platform for children from diverse backgrounds to come together and collectively exhibit their La(tent) Ta(lent).
The second LATA Interactive Games Day was held on 15th Feb 09 at St Mary’s SSC School, Mazgaon.
270 children from eight Mumbai-based NGOs and several volunteers came together to make it a fun learning day.


“It was a fantastic event. Perhaps next year, we could have more interactive games with an educational bent. The kids could play games that perhaps strengthen their language skills or alertness or develop their personality.”

– Ameetha Singh, conducts workshops for children.

“In spite of the daunting logistics that go behind inter-mingling kids from different NGOs, the day went off really well.”

– Zainab Jawadwala, student.

“I loved it. It was brilliant. Even the food was good.”
– Kunal Mithrill, photographer.

Partner Organizations:

Apne Aap
Bal Anand Foundation
Door Step School

Salaam Balak Trust
Smile Foundation
Sujaya Foundation

Education Program



  • This term we focused on building the kids’ vocabulary. We taught them a whole range of new words that are in everyday usage.
  • To ensure learning is fun, we made them play a lot of word-building games e.g. dog-and-the-bone and dumb charades.
  • The kids created a small book on themselves and their world based on their new language skills.
  • Finally, it was time to take the test in mock reality. Our kids conducted mock interviews pretending to be singers, bankers and even policemen!


At the annual examination this year, our students were tested for English language skills*.

Here’s how they fared:
Number of students    Percentage
10                        Above 75 %
7                         Between 50 % – 75 %
5                         Between 35 % – 50 %
4                         Scope for massive improvement 

*Assessment sheet attached.
In the next academic year, we intend to expand assessment    segments. We would love to hear your thoughts.

Upcoming Events


Exams are just over and the vacations are about to begin. Now that the summer break is here, it’s time to take up a hobby and learn something fun. That’s what we intend to do with 110 children from a Municipal school!

DTE’s summer camp is a playground of fun learning. For a week, these children will be taught basic spoken English and engaged in art, craft and dance activities. At the end of the week, they will have a chance to showcase their talent at the summer camp close out. Be there!
Venue: Banganga Municipal School, Malabar Hill.
Dates: 20th April to 25th April, 09.
Time: 2 pm to 5 pm.


DTE kick-starts the Career Alignment Programme (CAP) for students on the threshold of entering college. This year, we begin with 25 students from Colaba Municipal School. The program aims to improve:

  • Awareness of career options.
  • Basic spoken English.
  • Ability to manage life skills.


Adopt a Sapling (ASAP) is a DTE initiative that encourages all to actively engage in environmental action. Seeds collected over the summer will be planted in pots and put up for adoption. DTE will scan a rural India destination to plant the saplings. We are scanning individuals and educational institutions that can adopt the saplings. Would you be interested in going green?

Thank you

  • The teams at Apne Aap, Bal Anand Foundation, Door Step School, Prerna, Salaam Balak Trust, Smile Foundation and Sujaya Foundation for your trust in DTE.
  • Krutika Shah  and Tripti Sanghvi for books.
  • Simran and Karan Sanghvi and Knita Rao for books, sports shoes and bags.
  • Ameetha Singh, Arvind Tayde, Cadbury India Ltd, Gouri Nagjee, Hitesh Siraj, Kirthna and Rana Punja, Pravin Sanghvi, Ramnath Punja, Shrenik Shah and Sudhir Kapadia for financial assistance.
  • Sheetal Shah for training women of the Livelihood program.
  • Radhika Agarwal for her on-going weekly Art class.
  • All Interactive Games Day coordinators (you know who you are) for your love and faith in DTE.

DTE Appeal

  • We welcome financial assistance. It could be a very small contribution that could sponsor a child’s education for a month/year.
  • We continue to welcome customized orders for pouches, hand bags and paper bags. The products are made by women that are part of the Livelihoods program.

I learned that if you want to make it bad enough, no matter how bad it is, you can make it.
— Gale Sayers

Do you wish to make a positive impact?
Do you wish for a better world?
Come join the fold
Contact us at dteindia@gmail.com


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