February 2009 Newletter!


Catalyzing constructive change
Newsletter 3, February 09

The last few months have been particularly challenging for all of us at DTE. Thank you to all those that provided valuable suggestions for the challenges we have been grappling with.

Education Program:

Our Study Diary
Solar System:

  • We learned the definition of solar system and its constituents.
  • With the assistance of two balls and a candle we understood how an eclipse happens. It is just a scientific thing, nothing superstitious!
  • We learned the difference between a spacecraft and a satellite. Some of us want to be astronauts when we grow up!
  • Did you know? It’s day in India and night in America simply because the earth takes 24 hours to complete a rotation.


  • Didis and Bhaiyas taught us vocabulary through word association, memory game and facilitated antakshri with words.

Rhyming words:

  • This was really fun.
  • We learned that rhyming words are words that have similar end sounds. It has nothing to do with spellings.

Developing a questioning mind:

  • We learned to ask each other questions and even answer them ourselves. We were not at ease with interviewing.
  • We exercised our brains to think harder by playing guessing games. We guessed names of animals and things.

Name-Place-Animal Things:

  • It’s such a fun game. Additionally, it also taught us names of places and animals that we didn’t know about.
  • Did you know? Ibis is a long-legged wading bird in Greece!

Women’s Livelihood Program:

A natural extension of the Women’s Literacy Program was a livelihoods program.
With training inputs from DTE volunteers Radhika Agarwal and Arpita Shah, the DTE women made carry bags, pouches and envelopes. The process had all the ingredients of success and failure of a first attempt. The biggest success of this program, Reshma Ansari a member of the program managed sales stalls all by herself . Products made by the women were sold at corporate offices in Mumbai.

Sports Program

The Sports Program is facilitated on the grounds of St Mary’s School every Saturday evening. It includes football, frisbee and traditional Indian sports like kho-kho. Girls on the field giving it all they have and fighting to win is a sight to behold.


We visited the Mahim Nature Park to understand environmental challenges. A guided tour unraveled the beauty of the park . The park officials facilitated games that brought forth diverse aspects of nature conservation.
Back at the centre Vishwajeet bhaiya continued the chain by bringing plants to the centre. He facilitated a series of sessions centered around nature, forms of pollution and the need for forestation. Each one of the kids now a nurtures a plant in their home.

Thank You

Renu Reddy for educational material.
St. Mary’s SSC School for allowing us access to their grounds every Saturday.
Abhijat Sanghvi for logistical support.
Naina Sharma for educational books.
Karthik Raman, Roopal Shah and Surya Kalra for learning resources.
Sachi Maniar for outreach.
Radhika Agarwal for creativity sessions and for training women.
Bharti Shah for stationery.
Falgunni Sanghvi for helping with product sales.
Arpita Shah for training women.
Adore Charities, BNP Paribas, Zicom Securities, TCS and KPMG for hosting DTE product sales.

Future programs

Please note 15th Feb 09 is DTE’s second Interactive Games Day. 250+ children from seven Mumbai based organizations will be participating. Come join the fun. If you wish to volunteer please write to us at dteindia@gmail.com by 11th Feb 09.

We are looking for volunteers for the Sports program. Every Saturday from 4pm to 7pm children congregate at the St. Mary’s SSC School, Mazgaon for fun filled and high energy sports sessions.

We welcome orders/sales outlets for the following DTE products
Potted plants
Paper bags

You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.
—Khalil Gibran.

Do you wish to make a positive impact?
Do you wish for a better world?
Come join the fold
Contact us at dteindia@gmail.com


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