Thank You!

  • Radhika Agarwal, Niyati Shah, Bhavini Jhaveri, Natasha Kewalramani and Dev Mehta for assisting on the Performing Arts Day. 
  • Jonas Pariente, Mathias Mangin and Krishnakumar Menon for capturing the magic of the Performing Arts Day on camera. 
  • Renuka Jhaveri for ensuring no stomach was empty on the Performing Arts Day. 
  • Daryl Sheldon from Seventy Seven Entertainment Pvt. Ltd for the booming sound system on the Performing Arts Day.
  • Rohan Jasani for nurturing passion and sharing skills from the dance floor. 
  • Karthik Raman for recommending educational resources. 
  • Adrian Glynn for a guitar the youth cherish, but more importantly for teaching them the finer nuances of producing beautiful music.
  • Seema and Chirag Mehta for choosing to celebrate the first birthday of their son Dhrishaan with the DTE children. 
  • Parul Shah for a computer.
  • Ketan Sanghvi for technical support.
  • Chandaramji School for space. 
  • Godrej Industries for raincoats. 

~ by dteindia on October 18, 2008.

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